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"Are You Prepared for the Next Texas Storm? Essential Tips and Tools for Storm Readiness"

We all know that storms in Texas are no joke! That's why it's important to be prepared for whatever the season has in store. Check out these tips for preparing your home and family for significant weather events.

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How to Protect Your Home

  • Keep your trees trimmed and remove dead trees to prevent loose limbs from damaging your home. Trim tree limbs that are hanging over your house.

  • Know how to turn off utilities - tomadoes or large storms can knock out electricity and cause gas and water leaks. Know where to shut off utilities outside and consider installing a home lightning surge protector.

  • In the event of impending strong winds or tornadoes, secure outdoor objects such as grills, toys, and patio furniture that could become projectiles and bring indoors if possible. Use mulch in landscaping instead of rocks or gravel.

  • Reinforce garage doors, install storm shutters on windows, or add hail screens on outdoor A/C units to protect against high winds, flying debris, and hail.

  • Make sure all gutter fasteners are tight and consider using steel gutters, which are more durable than vinyl or aluminum.

  • Keep your roof in good shape - use impact-resistant shingles when possible and make sure they are installed properly.

  • Create an inventory of the items you own and update it at least once a year. Include the serial number, value, and date you bought each item. Take pictures of each room in your house - if you file an insurance claim after a storm, the list and pictures will make the process faster.

  • Review your insurance coverage and know your deductible!

  • Protect your cars by parking in the garage or under a shelter that will protect them from hail and any flying debris.

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How to Protect Your Family

  • Prepare a kit with 3 days of food, water, medicine, pet food, batteries, flashlights, portable phone chargers, matches, and candles.

  • Put together a family emergency plan and/or communication plan that includes a meeting place if you are unable to call your family.

  • Talk to your kids about what to do before, during, and after a storm. Reassure them that storms are a natural part of the season and encourage them to talk and share any fears with you.

  • Have multiple ways to learn about the storm, like a weather radio or a weather app on your phone. And don't forget to sign up for text alerts from your city or county!

  • Make copies of your insurance cards, policies, and paper documents and email them to yourself so you'll have them if you need to evacuate your house.

  • Know where you can see a doctor and have copies of medications lists, emergency contact numbers, and important medical information.

  • Bring pets inside and keep them with you when sheltering from the storm.


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